At Supagrass we have extensive experience at moss control for lawns. Most lawns in Britain suffer with moss due to the damp conditions, but we have effective solutions to help with lawn moss control. Unlike weeds, you cannot completely kill moss but we have ways to combat the conditions in which it thrives through organic moss control for lawns. If your lawn is besieged with moss and you need a sensibly priced solution, get in touch with our moss control experts.

Controlling moss in lawns doesn’t have to be a nightmare thanks to our expert lawn treatment services in London. Here at Supagrass, we know what causes moss, the types of conditions it likes to thrive in, and what needs to be done to improve the condition of your lawn.

Common problems and ways to improve moss control for lawns in London

Shaded Areas
Most of the shade in your garden cannot be helped. Trees, hedges, outbuildings and shrubs create shaded areas where moss thrives. Although there is not much you can do about outbuildings, careful pruning of trees, hedges and shrubs might help to reduce the impact and improve moss control.

Surface Thatch and Sub-Surface Thatch
Any moisture retained within the surface or sub-surface thatch creates the perfect environment for moss to breed.  By scarifying the lawn and using hollow tine aerating we are able to remove ugly thatch and allow moisture to pass through by improving water drainage.

Poor compacted and heavy clay-like soil
Lawns that are subject to poor drainage pool water near the surface area. Hollow tine aeration loosens the soil underneath, allowing water to drain away whilst enhancing the ability to control moss on lawns.

Scalped lawn as a result of mowing too short
Mow your lawn too short and you run the risk of scalping the grass. Not only does this look unsightly, sparse grass is a breeding ground for moss, making it much easier for the problem to spread.

Sparse and weak grass
Weak or sparse grass helps moss to spread. Have regular treatments and not only will the grass improve, the sward will thicken, and you control moss, preventing it from spreading so easily.

If your lawn needs a treatment and you have tried and failed to get rid of moss in the past, get in touch with us here at Supagrass and let one of our lawn experts give your grass the care and attention it needs. For a FREE quote and to help with all aspects of moss control, please call Supagrass head office 020 8365 9955    

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