Chafer Grubs and Leather Jackets

Chafer Grubs and Leather Jackets

Chafer Grubs and Leather Jackets are common types of lawn grubs. Both species have a ferocious appetite for grass roots and stems and can quickly decimate a lawn in a matter of days by feeding on plant material. Left untreated, a lawn besieged with either type of grub will quickly turn into a scruffy looking strip of turf. Thankfully, here at Supagrass we can provide you with a safe and comprehensive chafer grub lawn treatment in London, and offer value for money solutions that eliminate leather jackets in your grass.


Chafer grubs in lawns
Chafer grubs are the larvae of the Chafer beetle, and they live in the soil at the base root of the turf. Depending on the individual type, they will either feed directly from the lawn roots or munch away on mulch and any decaying plant material that is close by. There are a number of chafer grub species that feed directly on grass roots, and this causes various problems in the lawn.


Obvious symptoms of chafer grubs
Various tell-tale signs indicate you have a problem with chafer grubs. This pesky grub displays signs of activity in various ways, and some of the more common include:
• Lawn damage between autumn and spring
• Yellow sections of grass
• Signs of birds, badgers or foxes on your lawn that tear up the turf
• Visible signs of white-bodied grubs curved into a C shape with light brown heads


Supagrass have the ideal Chafer grub lawn treatment
With no chemical controls currently available for chafer grubs, we offer a comprehensive non-chemical solution that includes the repair of any damaged grass. We will re-sow the lawn with good quality grass seed or lay new turf from April onwards if this is required to repair the lawn.

Healthier lawns are less susceptible to damage so regular feeding, watering, and moss control may help to prevent an infestation of chafer grubs.


Leather Jacket Treatment for Lawns
Leather Jackets are other types of soil-dwelling larvae and can be just as damaging to lawns. The grub-like larvae are laid by crane flies and daddy longlegs and damage lawn grasses, seedlings and small plants if there is no intervention.  Like chafer grubs, there are obvious symptoms your lawn is infested with leather jacket grubs and the more noticeable indications include:
• Physical signs of greyish brown grubs
• Patches in lawns where the grass has turned brown or yellow and subsequently died
• Signs of activities from crow-like birds that look for leather jackets in lawns


Supagrass can help you with a leather jacket lawn treatment
At the moment there is no chemical treatment available for leather jacket larvae, but pathogenic nematodes can be watered into the soil to kill off the species. The nematodes enter the bodies of the grubs and infect them with bacteria to control the outbreak.


Here at Supagrass, we can advise you on the best course of lawn treatment to remove any type of soil-dwelling larvae. Our skilled team uses the most effective methods to restore and revive your lawn, returning it back to good health.

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