Lawn Worm Casts

Casting worms benefit a lawn in a number of ways, they aerate the soil, encourage organic breakdown, and make the turf more fertile, giving the grass a much healthier appearance. However, there’s another side to the story, as too many casting worms can also create their own unique set of problems, and a lawn infested with worms will quickly become unsightly due to earthworm castings.


What are earthworm castings?
Worm castings are small mounds of earth that appear on the surface of a lawn. They are samples of muddy soil ejected from the guts of certain types of earthworms and have a very distinctive curled up appearance once they are deposited into the turf. Whilst earthworms are brilliant for cultivating and enhancing the quality of your soil, the sight of their castings can be annoying, and really spoil the appearance of your lawn.


Throughout the autumn and the spring, soil casts are a major issue, transforming lawns into a bumpy, muddy, and slippery mess. That once flat surface will suddenly be lumpy and uneven, and the muddy deposits will be disgusting to look at and make it hard to mow.


Left untreated, and worm castings will encourage disease and create new sites where weeds like to grow. A small number of worms can easily become an infestation, whilst their castings will quickly dominate the lawn and leave mini mounds of soil which create problems such as:
• Unsightly mounds of slimy earth
• Casts are easily smeared across lawns
• Lawn becomes muddy and very slippery


What can you do about this?
If you find that worm castings are starting to take over your lawn, please get in touch with us here at Supagrass and let us provide a suitable course of action for you. We can carry out the necessary work required to eliminate worm casts from your lawn, with seasonal treatments available that are very reasonable, for a healthy looking lawn and nutrient-enriched soil.

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