Lawn Weed Control

Lawn Weed Control

 Weed infestation is the most common complaint with domestic lawns but don’t worry, Supagrass are here to address this issue by offering a fast and effective lawn weed control service in London and the whole of the south-east.  If you have a lawn riddled with weeds, speak to our lawn care experts today. We offer seasonal treatments for weed control in lawns and you can call us for a FREE quote.

At Supagrass, we do everything we can to rid your lawn of weeds and use the best weed control products to fix the problem as quickly as possible. Weeds are persistent, and despite using the highest quality weed killers, it can be difficult to kill every single weed after just one visit, so we continue with the treatment using the best methods to leave your lawn rich and full of vitality.

Why is it so hard to control weeds?  
Weeds are rampant at certain times of the year but can also lie dormant below the surface of the lawn. Spraying might not be effective until they break through the surface, at which point it’s a good idea to contact a weed control service, like Supagrass.

Weather conditions also contribute to the level of success when using weed treatments. Here at Supagrass, we use wetting agents but can still encounter problems. If the weather is too cold the herbicides will not be effective, too hot and they can evaporate before they take effect. Heavy rainfall for prolonged periods can also dilute the weed killer, and it might even wash it away.

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