Lawn Mowing

How frequently should I mow my lawn?
A once a week cut with a lawn mower will suffice but twice a week is even better! The more you mow your lawn the thicker and healthier it becomes as most of the benefit derived from fertilising will remain in the grass rather than being discarded in the cuttings. During dry periods, the lawn will not grow as quickly and may not require as much cutting. If you are unable to mow your lawn for a week or more you may find that when you do it looks yellowish in colour. This is because the extra length has blocked the light from the lower part of the grasses. Do not be concerned, it will soon recover.


What should I do with the cuttings?
Never leave cuttings on your lawn as this will create thatch which will obstruct our fertilisers and moisture reaching the roots. We recommend that you compost your cuttings provided you leave them for six months otherwise you should dispose of them.


What type of lawn mower is best for my lawn?
Cylinder mowers give the best cut and finish but are expensive to maintain. For most lawns, a rotary mower is suitable because it can cope better with wet conditions, overgrown grass, and lawns that are not level. We suggest that whatever type of mower you choose, pick one with a roller as this will show nice green stripes after cutting.


At what height should I mow my lawn?
Although many of us would like a ‘bowling green’ it is not possible due to the mix of grasses found in most domestic lawns. Through experience we have found the ideal height for most lawns is about 1.5″ (35mm). During dry periods you should raise the cut to about 2″ (50mm), as slightly longer grass will retain more moisture. Cutting your lawn too short will only encourage moss and weeds to spread.


If you always mow your lawn on the same stripe in the same direction you will encourage the grass to roll over and grow horizontally. By mowing in different directions and reversing the stripe you will help keep the grass upright and healthier. You should make sure that your mower blades are always kept sharp otherwise you will find that the mower will tear rather than cut the grass and leave brown marks.

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