Lawn Disease

Lawn diseases are commonly caused when the grass is stressed due to dry conditions, over-watering, or periods of high humidity. When lawn disease strikes, it creates discolouration and a weakening of the lawn, making it susceptible to grass fungus which attacks the grass, depriving it of essential nutrients. At Supagrass, we offer a range of solutions to remedy the widespread causes of lawn disease in London here at Supagrass and can offer you successful lawn treatments to restore the look and vitality of your lawn.


Most lawn diseases are caused by pathogens already present in the thatch, which hibernate and wait for the right conditions to break out. Looking after your lawn with the correct process of lawn care will help to prevent the spread of disease, including feeding, aeration and scarification of the turf, along with routine cutting at the recommended times.


There are a number of common diseases which have a damaging impact on lawns and might require professional lawn fungus control in London. Knowing the common causes of lawn disease helps when you are considering any type of lawn treatment, and they include:
• Red Thread
• Fusarium Patch
• Lawn Rust
• Dollar Spot
• Brown Patch

In most cases, domestic lawns are usually affected by Red Thread with its distinctive red and pink patches and Fusarium Patch, more commonly known as snow mould.  Other common diseases are found on finer types of lawns, or slightly more cultivated grassed areas.

Find the help you need with lawn and turf disease
When there are visible signs of grass fungus in your lawn act now to prevent the problem spreading. At Supagrass Lawn Treatment we offer sensibly priced solutions and cover all the main causes of turf disease, helping to remedy any signs of fungal activity.

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