Why do we Hollow-Tine Aerate Lawns?

• To reduce sub-surface thatch.
• To relieve compaction.
• To encourage deeper root growth.
• To improve the passage of air, moisture and nutrients to the roots.
• To promote strong growth.
• To improve drainage.

Hollow-Tine aeration is a way of reducing sub-surface thatch. The machines we use extract thousands of cores from your lawn. The holes left behind will gradually close of their own accord as the soil surrounding them crumbles and fills the voids thus relieving compaction. This will encourage deeper roots resulting in strong growth during the spring and summer increasing the sward density.


Even if the rootzone is not compacted and there is not a substantial amount of sub-surface thatch it is never bad to aerate your lawn to allow it to breathe and we suggest that you try and have hollow tine aeration annually.